A Red Sea Of Red Tape

By Larry Vandeventer

What if Bible events occurred in the 21st Century and transpired differently due to rules, laws, codes and the mindset that we have? Author Larry Vandeventer explores this possibility in his intriguing novel, A Red Sea Of Red Tape.

Discover how Moses is confronted by the Bureaucracy of the Red Sea Governmental Center for Travel, Tourism, Conventions and Hospitality. They throw up road blocks as he struggles to justify trekking across the Red Sea from Egypt to Sinai to escape Pharaoh’s army.

Join hands with Noah in his verbal and legal debate with the Planning Commission as he tries to convince them of the need to build an ark. The council counters his every argument with a law or code that thwarts him.

Learn how the ABC Beverage Commission shuts down the wedding feast of Cana because the wine produced and consumed there is not produced, packaged and taxed by the ABC. And the children present preclude consuming on the site.

Through A Red Sea Of Red Tape, Vandeventer takes a thoughtful journey through Biblical events to demonstrate the difference in thinking from then to now. Ride along and be amazed how we are different.